Creative Wonderlust| The Ramblings of A Mother, Wife, …Wait…What? A Career Too!!!

I have always admired those who could write their thoughts down on paper.  Their ability to captivate their audience and transport them to another place or time.  I often wonder if I could ever do that with my writing.  I guess this is my test, my “creative” screaming to be released.  “Wondering” if I can follow suit…”lusting” for a blog that may possibly be entertaining enough to gain a following.

Eeeek!  That’s it!  My title!!!  CREATIVE WONDERLUST!!

The Urban Dictionary defines Wonderlust as a word to describe the stage in a relationship or phase of love when you are not sure if you are lusting after or actually in love with someone.

But I say, why not something???

(heavy sigh)

Who am I kidding?  I am a procrastinator when it comes to writing.  I have always waited until the last minute to write term papers, essays, and short stories.  The anxiety, stress, the worry….STOP!!!

It is time for MY Creative to emerge!! Nothing is going to stop me!  I’ve got this!

Please stay tuned for my brand new, first time blog:  The Ramblings of a Mother, Wife, …Wait…What?  A Career Too!!!




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