Weekends = Days Off… Right?

I typically wake up between 3 o’clock a.m. to 5 o’clock a.m. EVERY single day with Charlie’s bony little paws digging into my back or him taking up my complete foot space of our queen size bed. I’m left laying on my quarter of the bed in a sad fetal position of discomfort.

<SIGH> Mental note: Have husband take Charlie to get his toenails cut! ASAP!

Anywho… I used to live for the weekends.  Those were the days when it was all play and relaxation.  Two Glorious Days of doing whatever crossed my path… Yeah, like I said, those were the days… before I had a job, before there was homework… I guess the time line would put it at grade school?

Now as I have become an adult, married, and mother of my Lil Lady and Charlie, the weekends have just become a different sort of CRAZY! Don’t get me wrong, I love my life!! I just wish it was a bit more balanced. But it is what it is and my husband and I are managing it well and consider it a work in progress.

I have your standard weekend of Saturday and Sunday off. My hubby, on the other hand, has Monday and Tuesday, at least for now anyway as it changes occasionally when they have to rebid for their shifts.

We try to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday, since my hubby doesn’t have to be into work until later, so the alarm will go off at 8 o’clock a.m. Unless of course Lil Lady forgets to turn off her alarm and it goes off at 6:15 am… oh but wait… for me, my alarm goes off at… please go back and reread paragraph one of this post… Yep! 3 o’clock a.m. to 5 o’clock a.m. EVERY SINGLE DAY !! Oh Charlie!… It’s a good thing I love you so much!!

So if I decide to drag my backside out of bed early, which doesn’t happen often, I would have a good solid couple hours of me time or me and Charlie time doing whatever is on my to do list that I can do quietly. So I end up reading! Not on my to-do list.

Eight o’clock a.m. rolls around and we get up and start to perform the weekend daily ritual… Breakfast!! My favorite meal and LOTS of coffee! Of course, the Lil Lady ends up sleeping in until 9 o’clock a.m. which then becomes SECOND BREAKFAST!! I promise we aren’t Hobbits…

As the hubby goes off to work, I start the endless to-do list I have created for myself. On the weekends, I deal with swim lessons, laundry, Lil Lady’s laundry, grocery shopping, gardening, yard work, house cleaning, extra errands, doctor appointments, dentist appointments and, and… Yes, I try to cram this and more all on Saturday and whatever doesn’t get done rolls over to Sunday.

Sunday, is the day that I try and focus on ABSOLUTELY  NOTHING!! said Me NEVER! Basically, it never happens. The Lil Lady has managed to master it very well for herself. She is content and satisfied being in front of her laptop, reading, or whatever all day long. Me, on the other hand, is finishing up Saturday’s overflow and Sundays to do list.

Is it naptime yet? I missed mine yesterday…

The weekends had to be replanned… I had overbooked myself to the point I no longer had time for myself. My SOUL was STARVING for attention! I had been doing this scheduling thing for so long, I no longer knew what would make me relax or how to relax.

The To Do List needed a makeover!

Even though Saturday’s overflow still winds up on Sunday, I now schedule in ME time. I let my creative take charge. I decorate my planner, as it has become more like a hobby. I don’t really need a planner. I have my phone but I can’t put stickers on it. Ha! Ha! I scheduled in my hobbies, my SOUL revival, my enrichment, and my relaxation. If you want to call it SELFISH, so be it. I’m being selfish!! Walk in my shoes and you’ll be happy I scheduled Sundays the way I did… Even though it just started this weekend, we will see how it turns out…

The moral of my story: don’t be afraid to take down time, your SOUL, your BRAIN, your BODY needs it and you deserve it! And it’s healthy! Who could deny you for wanting to be healthy? Right?

Special Thanks goes out to Ginger Nicole Baker for making me realize I need to take time for myself!


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